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Being part of this generation, I have started to use social networks too for some years especially “Facebook”. I don’t spend a lot of time on it, but I have an account so to be informed about my university groups and to stay in contact with relatives who live far from home. Sometimes even to share photos and control my messages. For close friends I use “Whats' app”, another means of communication that allows you to exchange lots of free messages.
This is because I don’t like to spend the day in front of a computer and I don’t like to publish my entire life to people who I don’t know very well.Social networks have become popular in recent years, and I've noticed a strong difference in the ability of people to relate to each other in friendship and love. I see around me that feelings are more superficial and relationships are based on the number of "likes" received; so while before I spent hours on the phone, now I exchange cold messages waiting for the others to answer me.Thanks to my university studies I have discovered that the use of social networks is motivated by two basic social needs: 1) the need to belong, and 2) the need of self-presentation. The need to belong refers to the need to interact with others and to receive social acceptance and the need of self-presentation to control the impressions. These two factors can also coexist. This is because studies suggest that the use of social networks is connected to the personality and has a strong impact on the construction of ones identity.
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