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A “Macabre Walk”

We met at the 7 pm at the statue of Mollie Malone in Grafton Street. We then walked to the Main Gates of St. Stephens Green where is “Walk Macabre” was soon to be started. The “Walk Macabre” is presented as a unique show experience that revisits scenes of murder and intrigue and recalls works of some famous writers who excelled in Horror, Mysticism, Supernatural and the Bizarre.
The show is presented by two brilliant actors that tell one story after the other, some more difficult to understand than others.
One story talked about a man who had to sing in a night-club in front of the public. But when the man, paralyzed by fear, couldn’t produce a single sound, he fled the stage and ran away. He asked for another chance but again, he couldn’t bring himself to overcome his fears. So he went to the park and committed suicide by hanging himself.
Another story talked about a nun who accepted to help a girl having a back-street abortion. When the girl died, the nun was tried and convicted of murder but her penalty was reduced because she had also helped the Judge’s daughter during her back-street abortion.
The scariest story was that of the “Hanging Judger”, a kind of monster that was appearing in the middle of the night in the dark corners of a man’s room, over and over again with no apparent reason.
Finally, the story of this clerk who lost the girl he loved because of a promotion he hadn’t gotten. After months of hard work the clerk went to see his principal, who was dating the same girl, to ask for a promotion. And again and again he tried but the answer was always “No”. After the umpteenth rejection, he clerk went mad and strangled both his principal and the girl.
The show lasted somewhat more than an hour and I liked it because I could understand more than I expected and I also took part of the acting of one of the stories. Gladly, I wasn’t the one who had to die at the end of it.
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