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Breve story-reporter per un giornale: Salvataggio di un uomo disperso in Alaska

Survival holidays in Alaska
On November 6 he set up a base camp on the ice cap and waited for the plane to bring food. For the next for days it snowed and the plane didn’t came. Sometimes he went out for a short ski, but most of the time he lay silently in his tent, alone with his thoughts.

As the day passed, he grew very anxious. He had no radios and no other means of communication. Ha was almost eat a stove feel so he couldn’t cook anything. He had some cheese and three packets of crisps. This, he hoped, would be enough for three or four more days. But what next? When he wake up on November 10 it was still and snowing and it as very windy. He didn’t know what to do: start walking to the coast or stay here, on the ice cap. Suddenly he heard something. He couldn’t believe his luck: it as a plane!!! He run out of a tent. He waved his arms and shouted, and then he took his sleeping bag and waved it in the air. When the plane began to fly in his direction, he felt tears of joy in his eyes. The pilot came and went three times and he dropped two boxes of food every time, he gave to he a map and compass and he gave to e paper with shipping instructions for arrive at the nearest city. Then the plane disappeared and there was silence all around he again.
On November 11 the weather was good and he knew it was time for he to do something . he packed up his rucksack and began skiing. After two days that also involved walking through deep snow and climbing highrocks, he came to the city. His adventure was over.
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