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Madonna – Her Life Story

Madonna or Maria Louise Ciccone was born in Michigan USA on the 16th August 1958. Her father, Tony is of Italian decent and her mother, who died when Maria was very young, was French-Canadian. She has four brother and four sisters. When she was a little girl she loved dancing and after she finished college she began her successful career as a singer and dancer.
She enjoyed films and wanted to be an actress too and in 1996 she triumphed in her most famous film “Evita” where she interpreted Eva Peron.
Today, Madonna is one of the most famous and successful female singers in the world. Although she comes from America she lives in London. She met her husband Guy Richie at her friend “Sting’s” birthday party and they married in Castle in Scotland in 200. Madonna’s family is very important for her. She has two children, Lourdes and Rocco, and recently she adopted a little boy while she was in Africa. She prefers to spend as much time as she is not on tour, she gets up at 7 am so she can have breakfast with her children before she takes them to school. While they are at school she spends at least two hours a day in the gym with her personal trainer. In the afternoon she goes to the recording studio if she is preparing a new CD or visits important people if she is organizing charity events. Health and diet are very important to Madonna, she only eats macrobiotic food and she doesn’t eat meat. She enjoys cooking and every evenings, after she reads her children a bedtime story, Madonna and her husband enjoy relaxing on the sofa and watching a good film.
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