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The number thirteen is very unlucky. This is true in many countries. But Why? One suggestion is that twelve was a lucky number in ancient times so thirteen is unlucky. Another suggestion is that at the Last Supper there were twelve apostles and Jesus. Friday the thirteen is a very unlucky day. This is because a lot of bad things such as the death of Jesus happened on a Friday.
Some countries do not have a thirteenth floor! Breaking a mirror brings seven years’ bad luck. The Romans believed the reflection in a mirror was a picture of a person’s spirit. As a result it was very bad luck break one. Spilling salt is also very unlucky. This is because salt was very valuable in the past. At the time f the Roman Empire soldiers received salt instead of money. This is the origin of the word ‘salary’. Salt was also used as a medicine. If you spill salt, you must throw it over your left shoulder so that you don’t become ill.
In Britain, it is good luck if a black cat crosses in front of you. This is because in ancient Egypt the cat was sacred. Many people believed that cats have nine lives. Horseshoes are also lucky. Witches are afraid of horse and a horseshoes on the door protects the people inside. A horseshoe is also the shape of the crescent moon which brings good luck. Today you often find small silver horseshoes and wedding cakes. Finally, touching wood is good luck and comes from the time when the Celts believed that gods lived in trees.
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