Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

The three main meals of the day are breakfast, lunch and supper. Snacks can be eaten in between meals when necessary.
Each meal is made up of a number of courses. A course is therefore part of a meal. Menu is a plan showing the courses that make up a meal and the order in which they are to be served. There are therefore break-fast, lunch and supper menu while snacks can be served in between the three main meals.
Breakfast: this is the first meal of the day. It should not be omitted. It should be light. It should however be able to sustain a person until lunch. A good breakfast should contain protective food, energy food and building food.
Suggested breakfast menu
I) orange juice
Maize porridge (pap)
Tea or coffee with milk.

II) fruit juice
Millet oat
Fish stew
Fried plantain or eggs
Tea or coffee with soya bean milk

III) pineapple juice
Fried egg
Maize oat
Tea/coffee/chocolate with milk.

Lunch and supper: lunch is the meal eaten in the after between the breakfast and the supper. The supper is the evening meal. The lunch and supper are the main meals is the day. Supper should be lighter than munch because people go to bed after supper. A complete lunch or supper will be made up of three courses - the appetizer, the main dish and dessert. The appetizer and the dessert can be omitted. Some people serve only the main dishes.
Suggested lunch menu
I) Any drinking soup as appetizer
Meat vegetable soup and potatoes as main dish.
Banana finger as dessert.

II) Beef stock soup as appetizer
Fish bean/yam or potatoes pottage as main dish.
Pineapple rings as dessert.
Suggested supper menu
Fresh fish vegetable stew
Boiled rice
Ice cream.

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