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The Celts

They come from Germany around 700 b.C. they let that their culture could evolve up to the Iron Age and they settled in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Even if they were more developed that the Iberians, their religion was almost the same because it was called Druidism but it was pagan, polytheistic and pantheistic too. Their alphabet was based on runes, that had symbolic letters that expressed simple concepts.

What about their physique? We can say that they were tall and slim with blue eyes, a fair hair and a pale skin. Their society wasn’t primitive like the Iberian because they based on community: they lived in villages, they cultivated the land and grew the animals. So they started a rough form of trade.
They fought either among them as a game or between tribes as wars. Their rituals consisted in dances around fetishes, animal sacrifices and the self-body’s painting. Finally we have to remember that water for them was the first element because it represented the life.
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