Modern bathroom

This is often in modern buildings.
Common features:
1. This is normally part of the main building.
2. It normally has a bath tub with hot and cold water taps.
3. It can also be fitted with a shower.
4. It can be fitted with a shower curtain. This prevents its water from splashing in the floor.
5. The bath tub is often of iron, coated with enamel paint or porcelain finish.
6. It may have a water heart and a wash-hand basin.
7. The floor can be of concrete, terrazzo or tiles.
8. In some houses the bathrooms is built together with the toilet.

Advantages of Modern bathroom
- it is very convenient because it is part of the main house.
- it provides for privacy.
- it is comfortable to use.
- it is solid and durable.
- it can be equipped with water heater.
- It is very beat to use and it is hygienic.

- it is expensive.
- it is not as easy to build as the other types of bathroom.
- it requires special cleaning meat trials and methods.

Cleaning a modern bathroom
1. Open the windows; remove the curtains, shower curtains and towel. Wash them
2. Sweep down the ceiling, walls, doors and windows to remove cobwebs.
3. Clan each part thoroughly according to type.
4. Wipe the water heater with a dry cloth. Ensure that your hands are dry and that electric current is switched off when doing this.
5. Remove the contents of the bathroom cabinet. Clean it thoroughly according to type. Dry properly. Clean the mirror.
6. Clean the bath, wash-hand basin and their fittings thoroughly. Use a soft sponge and mild abrasive.
7. Clean other furniture and fixtures according to type.
8. Clean the floor thoroughly according to type.
9. Replace the curtains, towels and the contents of the bathroom cabinet.

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