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Strange facts that happen in the world

Doctors likely to operate for toothbrush
5 4 -year - old Kenneth Wilson was taken to hospital after accidentally swallowing his toothbrush when brushing his teeth too quickly after breakfast. Doctors say Mr Wilson will have to stay at the hospital for a few days. They are not sure yet, but they may to carry out an operation to remove the toothbrush.

Whale grounded
The body of a 60 foot sperm whale has been washed astore on the East Anglian coast near Thornham, Norfolk. People saw the dead whale first off Holme, Norfolk, last week. Then the tides carried it to a nearby Thornham. Experts believe the animal may have died after gettino lost at sea. They say the dead whale might float out to sea again.

Search continues for tent girls
Police are searching for Beth Wyndham and Victoria Singh, both 14, who left London with a tent “heading for the Lake District on an adventure” and have failed to contact home. Police think the girls may hitchhike north and have asked the public to report any possibile sightings.

Speed checks on the rise
Police will set up an extra 150 speed cameras in London next year, double the number put up last year. They are likely to raise more than £10 million, more than twice as much as last year.
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