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Thomas More

Thomas More was bom in London and frequented the Oxford college. He entered parliament and became lord chancellor ofEngland. More opposed the decision on Henry 8 to divorce and refused tbe act of supremacy; for tbese reasons he was imprisoned in the tower of London and he was beheaded. He was buried in the tower and his head was exhibited on the London Bridge.


The most important work of Thomas More was Utopia, a text written in Latin, tbe intemationallanguage ofmeaning. The title derived rrom tbe Greek ou topos and means nowhere. It is a political assay the analyzed tbe best possible form of govemment. It was divided into two books; in tbe tirst there was a description of England and places where the poverty produced crime and socials problems; in the second book he describes Utopia as the ideai state where tbere are harmony and justice; people work only slx hours, men and women with equal rights and religious rreedom. Tbe opera was inspired by Plato' s notion of the perfect state.
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