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The event that will trigger World War

 We have a delicate situation between the most industrialized states such as France, Germany and the Balkan peninsula where exactly will the spark that will burst the First World War. Bosnia which was under Austrian rule, here, was the irredentist movement Slavic fact of Serbian origin who wanted to continue the program indipendentistico and Serbia which will start the attack against French Archduke Ferdinand of Hapsburg heir to throne of Austria. While the king and his wife marched in Farajevo were victims of an attack and were fired by a young man named Gavrilo Princip. This event was a praetexta whereby Austria blamed Serbia giving her an ultimatum in which evincevano two conditions: the first was to eliminate any movement in Serbia irredentist Slavic, the second was to allow Austrian officials to carry out investigations into responsibility attack. Serbia refused categorically because this ultimatum was interpreted by the government as a Serbian aggression against the sovereignty of the people. Not accepting the conditions then Austria declares, after the ultimatum of 24 to 48 hours, where if there is no response or a negative response you go over, war on Serbia. And it is here that the First World War between Austria, Germany and Serbia in July 28, 1914. Within days of the conflict became European character because it comes in place the mechanism of the European forces. France and Russia went to support Serbia, while Germany declared war on France and Russia, employing an army that invaded Belgium that was a neutral country. Violation she Belgian neutrality that consisted precisely in the invasion of the army after the border, forced Britain to enter the war on the side of France and Russia as it was part of the Triple Entente. Consequently, the system of alliances is immediately put into practice, and the conflict is spreading in Europe. Meanwhile, the conflict will not participate in Italy which will come only a year later. Italy does not enter because the Salandra government declared the neutrality of Italy using a provision of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria, which provided that only in the event that one of the three states had been insulted or attacked by other states was taking the defense mechanism but this clause was not satisfied because Austria and Germany were not they attacked was offended but they began and promoted the whole.

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