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It’s a strange world

Just drop by...
Lenny Gold was walking along the sidewalk in the city center when something unexpected happened. A man jumped from an apartment on the second floor of a building… and landed on Lenny! Both men survived.
A year later, a three-year-old girl fell off the balcone of a second floor apartment. Lenny was waiting for his girlfriend outside a movie theatre when he heard a screma. He looked up..and caught the girl!

In Hindsight…
A 72 - year - old Chinese man had a peculiar daily routine – he walked round his local lake every morning. Backwards!
He was convinced that this was the best way to take exercise. Unfortunately, one day while he was walking in the wrong direction, he fell into the lake.
Some senior citizens were taking exercise at the same time. However, they were being quite sensibile and walking forwards. They helped the man to get out of the water.
An ambulance took the wet pensioner to hospital where he received stitches in his head.

Adverbs of mannar
Visitors carfeully coverei up their noses.
The dog suddenly appeared.
Use adverbs of manner to say how somebody does something or how something happens. Form most adverbs by adding –ly to an adjective.
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