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Poverty in the world

Despite the substantial technological advances that have occurred in recent years, the living conditions have not improved for everyone, neither for the Northern neither for the Southern region. However a new conception of poverty, that you can apply to certain sections of the population, is born. Infact poverty is not just a lack of what is necessary for material well-being, but also the denial of opportunities and choices essential to human development, which lead a long, healthy life, creative, enjoy a decent standard of living, enjoy dignity, self-esteem, respect for others and things which people attribute value in life.
The first of the two cases is frequent especially in third world countries, where people live in a state of misery that often undermines the very survival. The causes of this condition are many. A first obstacle may be the isolation and geographical location: extreme weather conditions make it difficult to produce essential products and the good soil exploitation is impossible. In addition there are also problems related to politics and history, as the dictatorship and the presence of civil wars, which destroy the little that they can create. Moreover, poverty is closely linked to the lack of infrastructure, first among all road networks essential to communicate. Connected to this is the lack of education, without which the population does not notice either to be exploited and living in a miserable condition. To ensure that conditions remain that way, there are the interests of people who are exploiting this situation to get rich (the industrialized countries).

The best way to resolve this would be to step on people, putting them in a position to understand their situation. Rather than provide momentary relief; so that they would then be better to invest money in creating a stand alone production apparatus which may be controlled by locals.
The second "type" of poverty instead concerns more those living in many industrialized countries. They are not so poor from not being able to meet basic needs, but at the same time must continue to live in hardship and humiliation. In Italy, as revealed by a survey of ISTAT, people with an income of less than 600 euros per month are more than 18%. The causes are very different and may consist of situations created by the individual through negligence or irresponsibility, but also by health problems, bad luck, social discrimination or from unfavorable environments.

They add that Maurizio Ferrara defines a "subclass of marginalized: Bums, homeless, chronically unemployed, non-integrated immigrants", forced on the streets by choice or by necessity. This phenomenon are just highlighting these days with increasing immigration phenomenon.

Eradicating poverty is a problem that lasts for many years, but has never managed to be solve because inevitably it goes against other interests, but as M.L. Bacci says, "the degree of civilization of society is measured by the ability to distribute the wealth and mitigate the negative effects of inequality".

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