Removal of specific stains: The following are basically some stains and the procedures for removing them.
- Blood: in the case of fresh blood you have to soak the fabric in cold water and later wash; in the case of old stain you may soak in warm enzyme detergent solution and wash.
- Ball-point pen ink (Biro): apply methylated spirit with clean cotton wool. Then wash thoroughly.
- Perspiration: if it is fresh, ordinary washing will remove the stain. For old stain treat with laundry ammonia then wash thoroughly.
- Ink: for white cotton or linen, run over the stain with a little milk or a halved lemon until stain is removed. Then wash, boil and bleach if necessary. For coloured fabrics do not bleach. Rub a halved fresh tomato over the stain. Leave for about 30 minutes then wash the fabric according to type.
- Tea or Coffee: if milk is present, soak in warm water and wash. Otherwise for white articles wash with ordinary detergent at as high a temperature as possible.

- Lipstick: Treat with methylated spirit. Work from back to fabric, with a clean pad. Wash and rinse thoroughly.
- Mildew: give a mild bleach treatment and wash thoroughly.
- Nail vanish: scrape off any excess polish in the surface of fabric. Treat with nail vanish remover. Work from back of the fabric and wash thoroughly.
- Palm oil: it stain is thick, scrape off excess. Wash with good detergent and warm water. If stain still remains, apply kerosene and wash again thoroughly.

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