The sewing machine is a major sewing equipment. It is very important in successful sewing. It is also an expensive and complicated piece of equipment. It is therefore very important that one chooses it carefully and wisely.
It is also important that it is handled carefully. And in order to do these, you mist understand its various parts, then be able to maintain and operate it properly.

Types of sewing machines
There are different types and makes of sewing machines. However all sewing machines are basically similar. They may differ in types and number of kinds of stitches they make. They can also differ in the way they can be operated. The following are common types of sewing machines:
1. Handing sewing machine: This is simple. It is operated jut with hand. It requires to be placed on a table.

2. Treadle sewing machine: This is operated with the feet. The worker has both hands free for guiding the work. It normally has a special stand.

3. Electric sewing machine: This is operated with the aid of an electric motor. Same hand and treadle machine can easily be converted to electric sewing machine by using the electric motor.

Some sewing machines make just straight stitches.
Others make both straight and zig-zag stitches.

A sewing machine is made up of different parts and each of them performs specific functions.

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