Pit Toilet

There are different types of toilets. Each has special features and requires care.
Common features:
1. It is made up a pit of about 4-6m covered with concrete slabs or strong planks and provided with an opening. This opening must have a well fitting cover or lid.
2. It should be built some distance away a from the house, but not near a water well.
3. The floor could be concrete, wooden or mud.
4. There is normally a roof which could be thatched or made of corrugated iron sheets.

- it is not as expensive as a modern toilet.
- it can be built with local materials.
- it does not require water for flushing.
- it does not require the use of only soft toilet tissue paper.
- items which can be block the water system toilet such as sanitary pads can be thrown into the pit toilet.


- it cannot be a part of the main house.
- it often gives off bad smell.
- files and insects can easily breed in and around the pit toilet. These are disease carriers.
- any well water near a pit toilet can easily be contaminated.
- it is not durable. It can fill up easily especially when it is shallow.
- a person can fall into a pit toilet.
- it is not hygienic and convenient.

Daily cleaning of pit toilet:
1. Provide the pit with a close fitting lid or cover.
2. Sprinkle water lightly on mud or concrete floor. Sweep the floor.
3. Clean the edge of he hole and the kid using disinfectant solution and stiff broom.
4. Supply toilet paper if necessary.

Weekly cleaning:
1. Sweep down the ceiling and walls to remove cobwebs.
2. Sprinkle water lightly on the floor and sweep thoroughly.
3. Scrub the floor thoroughly according to type. Use disinfectant water and scrub lid
4. Supply toilet paper if needed.

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