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Spot the difference

Everyhere in the world there are different ways of behaving we say and do when we meet someone expresses our cultural background .
To get on with someone from another culture, it help sto understand something about these differences.
Did you know that the English and the Italiano have different attitudes to personal space?
The behavioural psychologist, Oscar Ottone, said, “English people talk to each other at an average distance of 130cm, while Italiano chat at an average distance of 80cm.
So when Italians meet English people they stay too far away! And invading English people can think Italiano are invading their personal space because they are too close”.

Avoid using your hands wjile you talk! No one bites their nails or puts their hands to their mouths. It is considered rude.

No one uses a handkerchief in public. Anyone blowing their nose uses a tissues and throws it away at once.

Avoid standing with your hands on your hips. It is considered confrontational. Pointing somewhere with your index finger is considered rude.

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