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Horror films belong to a cinematographic genre, precisely horror, and they are characterized by the presence of scenes and events that must arouse fear and disgust in the spectator. The plots are structured around evil characters, that belong to our world or around obscure entities that, instead, belong to the supernatural world.There are many types of characters that animate the scenes of horror films, like the mad scientist, the criminal with supernatural powers or creatures that are the result of a trick of nature like the wolf man. Then horror films were enriched by characters taken directly from the real world, like serial killers, and of supernatural characters from eastern world, like ghosts, demons and others of this kind.There are many films that have made the history of the horror genre, including Dracula and Frankenstein in the early thirties, Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock in the sixties, or Stanley Kubrick’s Shining.

I have never seen them because I actually prefer the most recent horror movies, which tend to have supernatural characters belonging to the religious sphere (for example, films that talk about demonic possessions).The differences, between western horror films and eastern horror films, is basically about the different cultures and religion that characterize these two areas. In fact, while the western horror, often, has the struggle between good and evil as its theme, typical of Christianity, the eastern horror talks about the relationship between the living and the dead. Then, from eastern country horrors there aren’t any blood scenes nor disturbing images, like in the western ones, where the origin of fear, comes from supernatural presences that appear and disappear.
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