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I began watching rugby matches on television only a few years ago, and last March I saw my first rugby match live: it was Italy - Vs Scotland, a six nations championship match. It took place in Rome, It was a wonderful day: my girlfriend and I left in the morning. The city was packed with Italian and Scottish supporters: we enjoyed seeing2 Scottish people with their kilts and bagpipes. They were very friendly: Italy won the match and we were all very happy about this great event . But I think that If Scotland had won the match, they would have been happier1, I will never forget that day and I hope to see5 Italy Vs. Ireland , next year.
A rugby match is usually a party that goes on all day, in fact the supporters spend the whole day together drinking, singing and joking all around the stadium.
But it is after the match that the real party starts. Supporters have their party in the clubs around the stadium, they go on drinking and having fun together. The teams have the official party called “After Match Dinner”. The party must be organized3 by the home team. During the party supporters forget about the match and the result and eat, drink and have a good time..

Unfortunately, in Italy it isn't the same for football matches. I have seen some football matches and the atmosphere is totally different. The supporters have to be separate by the police, and the matches are often spoilt by the “ultras”, they are like the English hooligans. I think they aren't true supporters but only vandals. They are a big problem for Italian football.(5) I wish they could be banned from the football ground so that families could go and see the football matches like they do for the rugby ones.
The six nations is the oldest rugby championship for national teams. It first took place in 1883, and it was called “Home International Championship” or “four nations”, because only four teams participated: England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Then later France and Italy joined the championship, so it became the six nations.All the teams want to win2 the trophy, but nobody wants to win the “The wooden spoon”: the trophy for the last ranked.
During the championship other trophies may be won3: the team who wins the England-Scotland match gets the “Calcutta Cup”, while the team who wins the Italy-France match gets the “Garibaldi Cup”. If any one of the four teams of the British Isles wins all matches against the other three, they win the “Triple Crown”.The first edition of “The Rugby Championship” will start next August. In the past it was called tri-nations, because only three teams participated: New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, this year Argentina will join the championship too . It is the most important Championship in the Southern Hemisphere for national teams.The New Zealand matches are vary popular around the world: the players are called “All Blacks”, because their jersey is entirely black. Before the kickoff, the All Blacks do a particular dance called “haka”. The haka is a traditional war dance of the “Maori Warriors”, with the haka the All Blacks find concentration and courage for the game.
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