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A night out with a celebrity of your choice

If the first prize in a competition was a night out with the celebrity you like the most, and if I’d win it, that is, I would definitely choose to spend it with George Clooney. He's one of my favorite actors since when he was playing Dough Ross, pediatrician in E.R., and since he's been living in Italy for a while now, and he probably speaks Italian, it is him I'd choose among others.
First of all, he’d have to come to my place, Bologna, and I would show him around the city centre and walk right to the towers. Hopefully they will be twinkling with lights, and thus it should be during the winter holidays. I would then choose I nice little place where to have a drink and a bite for an aperitif. We could then go to a local restaurant, where he could try some tortellini or lasagna which are typical of my hometown. I would tell him about myself, my hobbies, in particular about my favorite sport, basketball, which I know he plays and likes, and about my holidays at a small lake in the middle of the mountains. I think he should like that as I know he owns a villa on the Lake of Como. I would ask him about his job and the movies he’s made. I don’t think I will have the courage to tell him that I’ve been following him since he was playing doctor in E.R. Finally I would like to take him on the top of the highest tower, from where you can see the whole city. That would be a night to remember.
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