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Hobby – photography

During my spare time I like doing many things, from reading books to playing basketball with my friends, from helping mum cooking to going for a walk in the park. But the thing I like best to do in my spare time is taking photographs. It all started a couple of years ago when my parents gave me a Canon photo-camera with 18-200 mm lenses for my birthday. I immediately went on Google to look for information on photographic techniques and in a few days I had mustered the basics and was ready to experiment in the field. Of course, you can always use the automatic settings, but what fun would it be? Since then my camera has always been with me; when I go to the town center or to the park, on holiday or on school grounds. The lenses allow me to do close ups as well as wide-angle shots or landscapes. They are amazing. But it’s not all about taking pictures. After the outing, when I’m back home, I spend a lot of time downloading the images, selecting the best shots, organizing my photo gallery and finally printing the very best ones to be framed and hanged on the walls of my room. I think this is one of the best activities in the world; it allows you to spend a lot of time outdoors, but most of all, it makes you observant because you are always looking at something in a critical way, searching for the details that will make your shot a valuable one.
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