There is always a need to take adequate care of your apartment regardless of its size and its type. Here are some rules for:
Daily cleaning
1. Draw the curtains, open the door and windowed to air the room.

2. Take up the mosquito nets and adjust it neatly.

3. Dust all furniture: sweep the floor; make the bed.

4. Arrange all pieces of furniture neatly and tidy up the food preparation area.

5. Clean the dining area after each meal.

6. Wash up cooking utensils and dishes after each meal preparation and service. Dirty dishes will give bad smell and attract flies.

7. Put fresh flowers if necessary.

Weekly cleaning:

1. Open the doors and windows to air the room.
2. Remove the curtains. Strip the bed.
3. Wash all dirty household linen. This includes curtains, bed sheets, pillow cases, etc.
4. Take the mattress out in the sun, shake properly and leave to air.

5. Take out all small pieces of furniture. Clean each according to type.
6. Remove the floor covering (if any). Clean according to type.
7. Move the large pieces of furniture from the wall. Sweep down walls, ceiling, doors and windows. Clean each according to type.
8. Clean any ornaments and pictures.
9. Clean the bed thoroughly.
10. Clean the floor according to type.
11. Lay the floor covering when the floor is dry.
12. Being in the furniture and arrange them properly.
13. Bring un the mattress and make the bed.
14. Hang the curtains neatly; put the flower vase according to type and put in the fresh flowers and water.

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