I simply love drums!

In my family everybody loves listening to music and playing an instrument: my brother Homyatol plays the piano and he plays in concerts. My father plays the cello and my mother is an opera singer. My parents would have liked me to do same but it didn't work! That's how thing went.
Moreover, my family has always made me listen to classical music and since I was a child they have always taken me to concerts. My house has always been full of old records and tapes first and now, of course, it's full of CDs. We also have some musical instruments, because when my parents decided that we all had to learn to play a musical instrument, my brother agreed to take piano lessons, and as soon as she started, she liked it a lot.
My parents made me learn to play the violin, but after a couple of lessons, i decided it was too hard for me!
So I asked them to study something different. I wanted so much to learn to play drums but they wouldn't let me do that because they said it was too noisy. They didn't let me play anything fun, but only serious and boring music!

For this reason, my teacher always made me play difficult classical pieces and she even made me take an exam! My mother said that If I really didn't want to play the violin, she would let me stop taking lessons after I had passed my exam, which I did, but now she still doesn't allow me to learn to play drums. I really don't know why! it makes me so angry!

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