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I started riding bicycles when I was a little boy and I liked it very much because it gave me the opportunity to have a direct contact with nature. So when I was a child, biking became my preferred activity. As I grew up I started going out not only to enjoy nature but also to keep fit, and now I also take part in some competitions. Biking is very popular in this area so there are many competitions around like mountain biking or just simple bicycle touring which involves touring and exploration or sightseeing by bicycle for leisure. In my opinion the best place to ride a bike is on the mountains, even if I learned in normal streets because I had no special training. Riding on the mountains is great because there are no cars, so it is safer and the of course there is no smog like in the cities. I have been on almost all the mountains in the LAzio region and I always enjoy.
At the moment I’m practicing downhill mountain biking which is a time trial event held on a steep rough terrain with jumps, and obstacles. Downhill bikes are heavy, so they can jump quickly over rocks and tree roots, and the course is defined on each side by a strip of tape. Riders have a single or double attempt to reach the finish line as fast as possible, while remaining between the two tapes. So in order to win you have to be as fast as possible. I love this sport because of the adrenaline sensation that it gives. I always try to get more by competing on harder tracks.

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