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Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Nicole Simpson ( Dallas, 3 October 1984) is a singer, actress and American singer/songwriter. It begins to study classic dance to the age of three years and comes admitted to the School of American Ballet in New York City when 11 has of it. In that I make sentences it begins to suffer of nervous anorexia and it loses a lot of weight. The family, also in concomitance with the record success of the greater sister Jessica, decides to transfer itself to Los Angeles, where Ashlee begins to appear in advertising ad. Later on it becomes an of the dancers of line of the show of the sister, until it obtains some parts in television series and film. Its present boy is Peter Wentz, bassista of the Fall Out Boy. It appears in an episode of the made-for-tv movie Malcolm in 2001, after which covers a small part in the film Hot Chick - An explosive blond, of 2002. The true and actual success arrives a short time later, with a major role in the series television Seventh sky, in which performs from 2002 to 2004. Ashlee is appeared chance in Newlyweds, a reality show on the married life of the sister Jessica with it then husband Nick Lachey. Subsequently it had also an actual reality on MTV, titled The Ashlee Simpson Show, dedicated to tell the life of Ashlee during the engraving of Autobiography that went in wave immediately after that of Jessica lasted 8 episodes in the summer 2004, to that add themselves other 10 between January and March 2005.

In 2003 it works like VJ on MTV and more late carves the song Just Let Me Cry for the soundtrack of the film That crazy Friday, getting itself so a contract with the Geffen Records. In the exhibitions from the alive Ashlee Simpson plays with a band constituted from: Ray Brady (guitar) * Braxton Olita (guitar) * Joey Kaimana (low, from 2004 to 2005 this role was covered from Zach Kennedy) * Chris James
(keyboards and voice, from 2004 to 2005 this role was covered from Lucy Walsh) * Chris Fox (battery)

From the September 2004 this band is called officially Ashlee Simpson and Submission.
Its first album, Autobiography, debuts in the July 2004 directly to the first place of the listings USA, selling about 398,000 alone copies in the first week. The everything of coauthor Simpson the tracks, that describes like its true emotions. The critic itself slit on its performance and particularly little sentences friendly come from the reviewed Rolling Stone, that the label like the ugly copy of Avril Lavigne.

The individual that precedes the exit of the album, Pieces of Me, one of the greater happened some summer 2004 and comes quite sold wherever; the successive individuals; Shadow done not go a lot well, be held to a middle level of the radio listings for different time, while It collects It several success, in fact in the numerous installments of TRL it is found in the parts high pi of the listing, and.

In addition to its first album Ashlee Simpson sang Christmas Past, Present, Future and for the album of the vacations of Birth 2004 Radio Disney Jingle Jams and a duet with the sister Jessica for the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy for the disk ReJoyce, that sang together in the variet of the abc Nick & Jessica' s Family Christmas. In 2004 the Simpson receives the Song of the Summer Teen Choice Award for Pieces Of Me, besides the prize Fresh Light. It wins then the Billboard Award like feminine artist emerging.

January 4 2005 sings It It in the interval of the orangutan Bowl, unfortunately its exhibition been a fiasco, with the disapproval of a lot of 72,000 or present pi onlookers, is for the little time that had at its disposal, that for the emotion aside its. Cosmopolitan chooses it for the cover of February, indicandola like the Fun Fearless Female of the Year. Between the met of February and April begins its first tour for the USA, with two given also in Canada, obtaining a large success.

Ashlee Simpson obtains therefore a role like the candidate actress Clea in the film Undiscovered, an independent film distributed in the salt in the August 2005. Its interpretation does not collect positive critics, a lot to be named the Raids Awards like peggior actress, and the film a flop, until packs alone $676,048. In 2005 it comes named to the Raids Awards like peggior actress not protagonist for Undiscovered.
I Am Me, its second album, goes out in the United States in the October following and with it the singer-actress is proposed to incorporate in sense of the music of the years '80. The Am debuts directly to the number 1, selling in little 220,000 copies, but the sales lower quite soon and to January 2006 arrives not at the corrupt million of disks. The first individual, Boyfriend, a hit becomes in the USA and all over the world.

At the end of September Ashlee Simpson begins a tour of concerts from Portland. In half December has a faint after a performance in Japan, had to likely to ecessive stress; comes hospitalized, but without no serious result. During 2007 Ashlee it returned in study of record to work on the material novelty. Like producers of the album spiccano the names of Ron Fair (already producer in past of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears), Timbaland and will. the. am of the Black Eyed Peas. With respect to two album previous, Bittersweet World was influenced from the sound years 80, simply nevertheless maintaining a pop vein/rock. The same singer in fact declared: "I held us that this release recalled those years, because in this moment I feel me so, irrepressible and festive".

The date of exit 15 April 2008 was fixed, and to promote the disk the Geffen threw like first individual Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) : the song debuted in preview on the portal AOL Music at the end of November 2007, obtaining good performance in the listings. The video, turned few day after, was described from the same artist like a "surrealistic concentrated some art of Salvador Dalì united to something of John Malkovich".

The second individual, announced from Ashlee and confirmed also from its official site is Little Miss Obsessive, where be duet with Tom Higgenson of the Plain White You. It is appeared on the cover of Teen People (December 2005/January 2006) with the sister Jessica, Blender (December 2005), Allure (January 2005), Cosmopolitan (January 2006), Seventeen (March 2006), ELLE (March 2006), Gogirl! (April 2007), Glamour (October 2006), Cosmopolitan (September 2007), Seventeen (September 2007), Sophisticate' s Hairstyle Guides (September 2007), Cosmopolitan (December 2007), Cosmos Girl! (December 2007/January 2008) and Sophisticate' s Hairstyle Guides (February 2008).

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