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Janet Damita Jo Jackson (Gary, Indian, 16 May 1966) is a singer and American singer/songwriter of pop, R&B and soul.

And 'better well-known like Janet Jackson or, from 1997, more simply like Janet.

It sold more of 100 millions of disks and Billboard Magazine the 9 proclaimed it° artist of greater success in the story of the light music. In 2006 the Guinness Book of World Records the character proclaimed it more seeker on internet of the story.

Besides these commercial recognitions, won in the course of its career 5 Grammy Awards for its music, and was named in 1994 all' Oscar like author of Again, in the category "Best composed song for a film".

Besides Rolling Stone introduced two its disks between the "500 better album of every time" : Rhythm Nation 1814 and The Velvet Rope. Janet May 16 is born 1966 to Gary, in the dell been' Indian.

And 'the most small of the nine sons of Joseph and Katherine Jackson.

Janet conobbe the music sin from the most tender age: is in fact smaller sister of the very famous pop one-star Michael Jackson. Michael, before to throw itself in solo its legendary career of musician, did part with four of its brothers of the well-known band Jackson 5, that reaped large musical hit in the States: Janet poté to breathe so, sin from little girl, an atmosphere of spread love for the music and professionalism

It moves the first steps in the world of the show in television and obtains a part in the American made-for-tv movie of large success Will Be well-known, for the television season 1984/1985.

Under the aegis of the father it produces two album, Janet Jackson (1982) and Dream street (1986) that see it however excluded from the creative trial: will be tests disappointing and do not collect some interest I press the public at large.

In 1986 Janet, twenty-year-old, decides writer from alone the songs for its next album, in collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, that its reliable contributors for other vent will become' years. It goes out therefore Control that will have an unexpected and immense success of public in the States: beyond 5 corrupt millions of copies and 5 individuals in top 10.

And 'the beginning of a record career between the brighter: Janet will be imposed also abroad and will produce together with Jerry and Lewis album of large success all over the world, like Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) or The velvet rope (1997).

Besides Janet is embarked in world tour for the five cotinenti, doing thick everything exhausted.

In 2004, later on to the incidente happened at the Superbowl of the same year, its new work, Damita Jo for the first time in its career from the times of Control is welcomed lukewarm from the public. Also 20 Y. OR., gone out in 2006 to celebrate the 20 years of career, is a fiasco.

In 2008 Janet public a new album of unpublished, Disciplines that begins to the #1 in the States: is the first time than Jerry and Lewis not its contributors were. Janet said that wanted to give a carried out news to its sound, but did not exclude that in future the "group" would be reunited.

Janet also has attempted like actress with three film: Poetic Justice of the '93, The family of the crazy professor of 2000 and Why did THE get married of 2007. Although Janet have more time expressed its love for the performance, has more time underlined like its larger passion was the music, of here the its little apparitions to the cinema.

To sentimental level Janet two times was married: in both the cases has then divorced.

And 'gotten engaged from 2004 with the musical producer Jermaine Dupree.
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