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Sharon Vonne Stone (Meadville, 10 March 1958) is an actress, film productresse and American model.

Well-known to international level in 1992, year in which went out the famous film Basic Instinct, that provoked numerous polemics because of its strong restrained erotic.

It was an of the most well-known actresses of Hollywood when, in half of the years ninety, itself ritirò temporarily from the cinema to live San Francisco with the second husband Phil Bronstein and the adopted son Roan Joseph.
When the wedding were shipwrecked, the Stone returned at Los Angeles and taken again its artistic career. Sharon Stone was born in a paesino of the Pennsylvania that it is found between Pittsburgh and Erie. Its parents, Joe and Dorothy Stone, had irish origins - came from Galway and worked like workers in a factory of glue. It said itself that the parents the values of the feminism taught them and to this resolution she affirmed that: "My father me did not ever do believer that a woman, to reach a purpose, should have forbidden itself". The brother of Sharon, Michael, an awkward distributor of drug was sentimentally to the photographs British Tamara Beckwith, at least until the parents of the Beckwith did not summon to leave them it.

Since young the Stone was a shrewd girl and ambitious. She same it is defined an "ugly and sad duckling", that however itself distinse with its intelligence: after ten months of life knew already to speak and to walk; to five years attended the second class of Primary School; to thirteen claim to want to become the new Marilyn Monroe. Simply preferring the study to the game, succeeded with its glamour to attract itself the caution of the boys, that nevertheless judged it too snob for its attitude like “first in the class”.

To fourteen years its quotient intellectual it reached the astounding level of 154. For this, simply against its will, after two years of high school to Saegertown is registered, at 15 years old, to the Edinboro University.

For a lot of time the Stone itself ugly ritenne and had not respect for its body. An uncle gave them then 100$ and the convinse to participate to a beauty contest, to which she herself alone iscrisse because needed of money to pay the school taxes. Not won, but a judge advised to register them himself to the competition of Miss Pennsylvania, thing that nevertheless do not fece. Taken part nevertheless to other concourse of beauty and them all vinse, until decided to transfer itself to New York to become a model. In 1977 it is transferred in the New Jersey and a short time later it signed a contract with the Ford modeling agency of New York.
After to be awkward to the Ford modeling agency, succeeded to break through in the field of the fashion and divenne an of the most well-known models of the United States of America. Subsequently it was the protagonist of the television publicity of the businesses Burger King and Maybelline, but is not very satisfied some road that its career was taking. Subsequently it is transferred in Europe and, noted from Woody Allen, ebbe a small part in the film Stardust Memories of 1980, that represents its debut on the large screen. The following year entrò in the cast of the deadly horror film Blessing, that was a large success to the ticket office. While it is found in France venne noted from the producer Claude Lelouch that a small part in the comedy gave them Les Uns et Les Autres (1982), in which recited to the flank of James Caan for alone two minutes and for this its name officially not apparve in the titles of tail.

In 1983 it was chosen from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for the feminine part of "Indian Jones and the damned temple", but to the end Kate was chosen Capshaw, retained more versatile and more suitable to the character to interpret.

After the film for the tv until the last dollar (1984), its new passage on the large screen avvenne in the same year with Irreconcilable Differences together to Ryan OR neal, Shelley Long and a young Drew Barrymore. Such film, that did not arrive ever in Italy, is to remember because sees the Stone to attempt itself in the role of fatal femme, that has had it then revenue famous some year after. Always in 1984 apparve in the television show more I continue, Magnum, P. THE..

Towards the end of the eighties Sharon recited in alune films of smaller thickness, but succeeded to impress happy the critic in Allan Quatermain and the mines of king Solomon (1985); Allan Quatermain (1987); Nico (1988) and Obsession of love (1989).
The first role of a certain relief the ebbe in Action of force (1990), of Paul Verhoeven and with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Coinciding to the gone out some film was the exit of an its photographic service without yourselves it it for it reviewed Playboy, in which came immortalized completely nude while learned the technologies of the Taekwondo, martial art indispensable for a good one succeeded some film. Later on, I pertain the photograph osè, she dichiarò that had done them because needed of money, given than just had finished restoring house and risked the financial ruin.

A short time later the force of Action of exit ebbe a road accident to Los Angeles, more precisely in the well-known road Sunset Boulevard: immediately after the left one returned at home, unaware of the breaks that had immediately. It rhymed paralized for days and dichiarò of to have I plant three days in a row before to decide itself of to go in hospital, in which came diagnosed him the breaks of the bachelor and of the jaw, oltreche of numerous contusions.

The memorable interpretation to the flank of Schwarzenegger should have marked the turn of its career, but the accident threw out it game for varied months. After the recovery lavorò in manner stakanovista (alone in 1991 lavorò to five film), but the films in matter were at low budget and little people succeeded to see them: alone Scissors - Scissors ebbe a minimum I continue of public, even if venne put down from the critic.

The character that gave prides them international and that the fece enter in the story of the cinema, ponendola like the Faye Dunaway of its generation, was that of the serial gunman bisexual Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. At first the role of protagonist had been dedicated to the most expert Geena Davis, that however had refused because of the numerous stages of nude presents in the film. Famous the stage it is remained in which the Stone, questioned from some agents, crossed the legs, showing (without leave nothing to the imagination) of not to put on some underwear.

The producer Paul Verhoeven had asked for them not to put on the pants during that stage because is were normally visible means the transparencies of its garment. Basic Instinct was the king of the collections of that film season and caused numerous polemics for the numerous stages of sex that came shown without censorships: that increased considerable the popularity of the Stone, that in 1992 venne introduced from the reviewed People magazine between the 50 more attractive women of the world. Sharon Stone to the Festival of Karlovy Vary in 2005 Sharon Stone to the Festival of Karlovy Vary in 2005

In 1994 it is awarded the prize like component of the film peggior couple with Sylvester Stallion for The specialist.

The compliments for her became every day of more: in 1995 venne introduced from the magazine to Fill magazine in the strip of 100 actresses sexier of the story of the cinema. Also its talent nevertheless was destined to to be rewaded: the most important recognition the ebbe in 1996, when ottenne a candidacy to the Prize like better protagonist actress Oscar for its interpretation in Casino of Martin Scorsese, in which gave life to to the prostitute Ginger: for the same role vinse also a Golden Globes and in the October of 1997 the magazine to Fill introduced it between All of the times.

In 1999 it was introduced between the 25 sexier playmate of the century.

In 2004 it was candidate to the Raids Award to the protagonist actress peggior for its interpretation in Catwoman.

In 2005 it returned to occupy the first pages of the newspapers for its difficult interpretation in Basic Instinct 2, erotic sequel of the precedent happened. Numerous they are the stages of nude complete and frequent, at least to judge from the not official trailer that was spread on internet, would have to be the lesbian stages of sex and of group. To tal resolution she affirmed that it she was convince the producer Michael Caton-Jones to introduce erotic stages, declaring that "More I was nude more I was pleased".

In 2006 it is awarded the Raids Award to the protagonist actress peggior for its interpretation in Basic Instinct 2.

For the future it is assumed that the Stone, date its similarity with the actress and presenter Joanna Cassidy, can participate often to the show of the HBO Six Feet Under, in which actual the Cassidy interprets the delightful Margaret Chenowich.
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