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Colin James Farrell (Castleknock, 31 May 1976) is an irish actor. It is the youngest one of four usual sons and Eamon Farrell. The mother obliged to study it dance, but he wanted to become a football player. The passion for the performance taken the upper hand on everything and itself iscrisse to the "Gaiety School of Drama" of Dublin, after to have passerby a year in Australia to work like waiter.
After the studies of performance, began the first intense activities in serious varieties tv. The first important work arrives in 1996 when enters in the cast of the serious tv English Ballykissangel, this allows to to be noted him from Tim Roth, for its debut to the direction in war zone. It performs also in the theatrical representations to the Donmar Warehouse of London, after that Kevin Spacey wants it to its flank in the film A perfect criminal. But it is thanks to the role of Roland Bozz in Tigerland of Joel Schumacher, that Colin enters in the world of Hollywood, for him it is leveled the road of the success, where an actor becomes asked for. Joel Schumacher the shores like absolute protagonist of the film In line with the assassin, becoming so, to alone 25 years, one of the most researched actors of Hollywood. It works with Caterpillars Willis in Under court-martial, with Tom Cruise in Minority Report, with Quite Affleck in Daredevil (where interprets Bullseye) and with To The Calm (that the appointment its "heir") in The rule of the suspect. In the years alternate intense activities between mega-productions and independent film, to mention A house to the end of the world, the controversial Alexander of Oliver Stone and The New World - The new world of Terrence Malick. In 2006 it has working with Michael Mann in the film version of the television series Miami Deputy. In 2007 performance to the flank of Ewan McGregor in the film of Woody Allen you Dream and crimes. In 2001 bride the actress Amelia Warner, after a ceremony from dream the marriage ends after alone 5 months, in fact in the November of the same year, asks the divorce. Doing not love a lot the fashionable life of Hollywood, and thanks to its character shady and politically inaccurate, Farrell it is earned the reputation of attractive and cursed, until in 2003 the People Magazine' s introduces it between the 50 most attractive men of the world, consacrandolo like a sex symbol. In 2003 it father of the small James became, had from the former fiancée, the model Kim Bordenave. From the end of 2005 it was put in net a they film hard than Farrell had turned private with the former Nicole gotten engaged Narain. With its staff it is fighting to blows of injunctions against these internet site, to the purpose of to block it the spread.
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