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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (New York, 2 July 1986) is an actress and American singer.

It was born at New York City and is grown at Merrick, Long Island. Lindsay moved the first steps in the world of the show from little girl like model for reviewed and television publicity. To the age of 10 years it began its career of actress thanks to the soap opera Destinies. To the age of 11 years its fece debut on the large screen reciting the part of two twins in the remake disneyano of The Parent Trap translated for Italy in Parents in trap, but the definitive imposition like actress and princess of the adolescents and of the media happened alone you are years after thanks to the adolescence comedy Mean Girls.

Like an adult, Lindsay incomicia to participate independent projects, among which the last film of Robert Radio Altman America, presented to the Festival of Berlin.

While it turned the fortunate Herbie - The premium inlaid Lindsay recorded an album titled Speak from the reasonable success in the United States but unpublished in Italy. So doing Lindsay has created also a career parallel from singer, for that to December 2005 has realizing a second album called TO Little Delays Personal.

5 September 2006 Lindsay presented to the festival of the cinema of Venice the film Bobby, of Emilio Estevez. Lindsay was an of the star more terrifies to the festival that day.

In the February 2008 Lindsay settled for Bern Stern, to recall the famous photographic service of Marilyn Monroe "The Last Sitting". Lindsay Lohan is the greater one of four sons of Michael and Dyne Lohan; has two brothers, Michael and Dakota ("Cody"), and a sister, Ali Lohan. Lindsay, whose surname was before prominent and then transformed in, is for irish half of origin (from the part of the father) and for Italian half (aside of the mother). She and its family have lent to activity and to associations of beneficienza like the The Carol M. Baldwin (foundation against the cancer to the bosom), Save the Children, The United Cerebral Palsy Association, and to its foundation, Dream Like True.

The father deducted 4 years of prison for fraud. An entrepreneur in field was it feed that it has transferred to Hollywood to become film producer; the mother has working for an issuing radio one. Lohan attended public schools until its diploma, after which decided to continue the studies at home.
Lindsay began its career like model for the Ford Models to the age of three years, in a period in which the blonds went for the better one, with its face covered of freckles, the red hair and the green eyes knew to clip itself a small one-large space lending I turn to more of 60 publicity among which a country for Calvin Klein Kids. In the years it was also on different covers of magazines like Vogue, ELLE, Bliss, High Club and Blende.

After to have left a soap opera to that had taken part Lindsay participated like "double protagonist" in the film of Nancy Meyers reciting the part of two twins that after several years met themselves and wanted to make their rincontrare parents (Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson) in Parents in trap (1998). Parents in trap went well to the ticket office packing more of 92 millions of dollars all over the world. The critics had been impressed from the performance of Lindsay; Janet Maslin scrisse: "The small Lohan performs the two roles with so much enthusiasm that seems to have taken lessons from Sharon Stone". Kenneth Turan said: "Lindsay is the soul of the film and is capable a lot how much the was Hayley Mills in the original one and... Lindsay is more capable in the to recite a double personality that the predecessor".

Immediately after it signed a contract with the Disney for three film, the was dedicated the role of Penny of it THE SURVEYOR Gadget, but after seven work months on Parents in trap refused the proposal. In this make sentences it recited, from protagonist, in two film tv: My special friend-Life-Size (with Tyra Banks) and Get to clue - Lexy and the professor disappeared.

A short period of pause followed of it after which it is presented, and vinse the hearings for the part from protagonist in another remake Disney, that is That crazy Friday, in which Jamie Lee Curtis and the Lohan like mother and daughter the that find themselves both in the body of the other one. The critic was impressed from the performance of Lindsay and too the public: in fact Freaky Friday was one of the film from the greater collection of the year, surpassing the 110 millions of dollars in the only United States. one of the film that did more happened between the young is Mean Girls. Lindsay divenne protagonist of two film, Drama Queen (in Italy how much is difficult to be teenager!) and the film of the Paramount Mean Girls (its first film Disney that not pits a remake), both gone out in 2004. Drama Queen was a curbed happened of collections, but done not specially appreciate from the critic like film, while its performance was promoted from the critic how was happened for the its previous film.

Its engagement venne shown with Mean Girls, its first film forbidden the minor of 13 years and not Disney. This success aside of the critic and commercial (earned more of 86 millions of dollars in the United States and 129 millioni all over the world), consolidated its success "cementing its state of new queen of the film for boys", scrisse Brandon Gray. The critical at any rate had been hit from the skill of the actress but not from the beauty of this stinging and intelligent comedy "shamelessly treacherous".

The Lohan returned at the Disney for Herbie - The premium inlaid furniture (2005), the fifth one of the well-known series. Increasing its popularity even more thanks to this film Lindsay dimostrò besides its versatility of actress in the to know to be adapted varied roles. Herbie: Fully Loaded was a good commercial success earning about 150 millions of dollars in the world.

In 2006 it candidate to the Raids was as worse Awards actress of the year for its interpretation in Kissed from the misfortune.

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