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Shakespeare in love

The film takes place in Elizabethan London, where a man named threatened with death. But to save himself he promises his creditor to give him a part of the taking from Shakespeare’s comedy; Ethel and Romeo, but Shakespeare at this time, doesn’t have any ideals and so is looking for inspiration. Viola is a young woman, the future promises wife of Lord Wessex, who dreams of taking part in a play, with a theatre company, but women were not allowed to be actors. Marlowe, a famous poet from London, gives Shakespeare an idea for a comedy. At the audition there are many actors who want to play Romeo among these actors, there is unknown who recites a part of Shakespeare’s Two gentlemen of Verona with such emotion that Shakespeare follows and tries to speak with him. This person is Thomas Kent who is really Viola in disguise. At a ball, Will meets Viola and it is love at first sight, Lord Wessex notices what has happened and threatens Will and he pretends to be Marlowe. Will is really in love with Viola and gives Thomas Kant a love letter. She doesn’t reveal her true identity so she can find out his true sentiment. She also want him to understand that even he loves Viola she cannot marry him because she is promise to Lord Wessex, Will eventually finds out that Kant is Viola in disguise. In this way Viola becomes his inspiration for the comedy. The play begins to take form but unfortunately the actors are not very good. At this time Viola’s parents are away. Will goes to their palace and love explodes between him and Viola. Their conversations became part of the comedy and slowly became something different and more dramatic. Will dresses up a the nurse and the Queen recognizes he but decided not to stop him. She understand everything and bets Wessex of the possibility of true love being represented in a theatre. Marlowe is killed in a fight and Will feels guilty because he thinks it is his fault. At the same time Viola believes that Will is death. When everything clear about what happen, the two lovers understand that they can never be together. Viola’s disguise is uncovered and the theatre closes… Luckly Will is given another theatre and Viola will get married on the same day the play will take place. Viola sees the posta and runs away. The actors who should play Juliet has a problem with his voice and cannot act, Juliet takes his place. The queen recognizes her in disguise but doesn’t stop the play and wins the bet with Wessex about true love in a theatre.
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