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People felt free from the constrictions of the medieval spirit, and had not yet become enslaved to the machines; it looked as if human nature was free to express itself to the best.
Elizabeth an culture was greatly fascinated by the occult, and one of the most timportant personalities in this field was John Deer, mathematician, astrologer, alchemist and spiritualist, who was even consulted by Queen Elizabeth about a propitious day for her coronation
He also gave advice and instruction to pilots and navigators, and greatly stimulated scientific thought.
The work which best expressed the interest in magic and in the occult is Spencer's The Faerie Queene, but Shakespeare himself was not exempt from the charm of the occult.
Literature flourished: the rich middle class had more time to dedicate to reading and writing, and the court encouraged the arts.
The national language had become a subtle and powerful instrument of expression, suitable for the highest forms of writing.

The second half of the century, the age of the Elizabeth or the age of Shakespeare was a magnificent period in English history.
It was fostered by the growth of trade, social archive meets and political organizational that developed during the Middle Ages.
The discovery of America in 1492 had shifted the centre of interest to the west, and England received great advantage from its geographical position.

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