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The Horse Whisperer – summary

On one cold winter morning, on a snow-bound country road, a thirteen year-old firl, Grace, was run over by a lorry with her horse, Pilgrim.
In a few seconds, the crash, the tragedy. Both were seriously injured in the accident, but they survived. The accident had however serious results: Grace lost a leg and retired into herself; Pilgrim seemed victim to a dark craziness so much that the vet wanted to put him down.
Grace was the only child of a famous New York lawyer and of Annie Graves, a brilliant career woman who dedicated her life only to work. After her daughter’s accident, Annie’s life had a changeover. She felt that the future of Grace was bound to that of her beloved horse. So Annie decided not to put Pilgrim down but to find someone who could somehow heal the wretched beast. She gathered information in the library and discovered the existence of some men, called “whisperers”, that were able to soothe wild horses by whispering secret words in their ears. One of them was Tom Booker, a farmer from Montana, accustomed a to breeder’s life. So Annie led Grace and Pilgrim across the continent to Tom who decided to see to the horse.
So while Grace and Pilgrim started to heal and emerge from the darkness that had engulfed them, Annie and Tom fell in love with each other. But their love was an impossible one, that in the book, leads to Tom’s death, whereas in the movie to Annie’s choice to give up the love and return to her family.
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