There are certain guidelines and procedures to take in consideration while operating a sewing machine:
- place the machine in good light.
- use a good sewing machine posture as follows:
• sit straight in front of the machine on seat of comfortable height.
• do not drape yourself over the machine.
• sit back in the chair and bend from the waist.
- fix the needle properly
- wind the bobbin. Do not over fill it. Fix bobbin into the bobbin case and thread it properly.
- thread the machine correctly following the thread guide.
- before stitching, be sure that the upper and lower threads are pulled to the back of the presser foot and that the thread take-up is the highest point.
- test the stitching on a folded piece of fabric to ensure that the tension is alright. A perfect stitching looks the same on both sides.
- place the fabric (work) in the machine so that the bulk of the cloth is at the left-hand side where there is space for it.

- push both threads towards the back of the machine.
- lower the needle into the position required.
- lower the presser foot and begin to machine.
- to turn a corner:
• stop with the needle in the material close to the corner.
• raise the presser foot, turn the material (pivot).
• drop the presser foot and continue stitching.
- to stop and remove the work from the machine:
• place your right hand o the balance wheel.
• let the needle be at the highest point.
- always study the instructional manual or book that come with the sewing machine (they're useful in most cases).

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