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Cosmetics are make-ups. They are used to improve natural features. Deodorants are used to fake the odour out of perspiration. Thus regular use of deodorants is important. Young people however require very little make-up because they still have natural beauty and complexion. They may decode to use make-ups at later age to hide blemishes and wrinkles.
It is necessary that you know how to use cosmetics and deodorants.

Make-up Kit

A make-up kit is made up of material applied on the body and the tools for applying the materials or make-ups. These materials include:
1) Assorted types of body creams, lot jobs and pomades.

2) Assorted toilet soaps and bath jellies.

3) Nail polish or varnish. nail polish removers.

4) Perfumes and deodorants.

5) Hair make-ups.

6) Face make-ups including:
- powders, which come in various tones and textures.
- eyeliners, applied at the lining of the eyelids.
- mascara, applied to the eye lashes to make them dark.
- eye-shadow, applied above the lining of eye eyelids.
- rouge, applied lightly at the cheek bones.
- eyebrow liner, applied on the eyebrow.

The various face make-ups are applied with special types or brushes. They eyeliner is however often in pencil form.
The tools include:
1) Various types and sizes of brushes.
2) Manicuring set.
3) Cotton balls and sticks.
4) Facial make-up tools.
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