Sewing machine accessories are attachments that can be used with the machine. These accessories can be bought without the machine or separately. They are inbuilt in some machines. They can also be used for various sewing purposes such as hemming, sewing buttons, making button holes, attaching zippers etc. the following are basically some of the accessories:
1. Zipper Foot: used for sewing close to raised edges. It is therefore used for inserting zip, applying cording and piping trim.
2. Hemmer Foot: is used for stitching a narrow hem without basting or pressing.
3. Button-hole maker: is used for making buttonholes.
4. Gathering Foot: is used for making gathering stitches.
5. Edge stitcher: used for making embroidering. Different embroidery attachments make different designs.

Care and maintenance of the sewing machine:
- study the machine handbook of instructions ( manual) carefully. It normally contains instructions on how to use and maintain the machine.

- clan it often by dusting to remove dirt and dust.
- oil the necessary pints according to the handbook.
- cover the machine when not in use.
- always carry your machine properly and carefully. Avoid dropping it in the ground.
- do not scratch the plain work of machine by using sharp objects like scissors on it.
- let the representative of the manufacturer service your machine once every year for you (with the warranty)
- create a permanent sewing centre or area in the house so as to avoid carrying the machine about each time you what to sew.

Guideline for oiling the sewing machine:
- always clean before oiling.
- use god quality oil.
- refer to machine handbook for the location of the oiling points ( which means points to drop the oil).
- oil the machine before use and not after use.
- only two small droplets of oil need be applied to each oiling point. Crease oiling floods the machine with oil.
- wipe the machine over with a clean duster after oiling.
- run the machine unthreaded for a minute or two on a spare piece of fabric.

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