Cutting equipment

These instruments are used for cutting. They include:
• Knives: these are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are made for different purposes. However most knives can be used for several types of cutting.

Types of kitchen knives include:
a) Vegetable knives: used for preparing vegetable and fruit.
b) French or cook's knife: used for chopping or cutting vegetables.
c) Palette knife or spatula: used for spreading sift filling, icing, sugar, levelling off in measuring dry ingredients; loosening cookies from baking pans etc. It is not used for cutting.
d) Carving or butcher's knife: used for butchering or cutting meat and cutting large vegetables.
e) Bread knife is used for slicing bread.

• Scissors or kitchen shears: These are useful in the kitchen for cutting different items such as vegetables or necessary non-food items like paper and foil.

• Can openers: these can have a blade or a rotary cutting wheel. They are used for opening cans.

• Graters: these are available in different sizes and are used for grating or shredding food for example coconut, carrot, etc.

Measuring equipment

Simple cooking and serving equipment can be grouped according to their uses and functions. For example we have:
• Measuring equipment: these are the pieces of equipment used for measuring. They include:
1. Measuring cups used for measuring liquid and dry ingredients.

2. Measuring spoons used for measuring spoonfuls for example tablespoon, teaspoon etc

3. Kitchen scales used for measuring large quantities of ingredients.

Top-of-range equipment: these are pieces of equipment used for top-of-range cooking, that is equipment for cooking directly over flame. These include:
• Pans: there are different types of pans that are used on top of the range. They include:
- saucepans of different sizes.
- frying pans of different sizes.
- pressure pans which are specially made to reduce the amount of time needed to cook foods.

• Cooking spoons: there are assorted types including perforated spoons for frying.

• Kettles are specially made for boiling water or to be used as a tea-preparing instrument.

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