Line is another element of design that is very important in choosing the right style of clothes for your figure. There are different types of lines and each has different type of effect on the figure. You should understand your figure and then choose the right lines in designs, patterns and rules for your clothes.
The lines include:-
1. Vertical lines: These can add height. They make a short and stout person appear slimmer and taller.

2. Horizontal lines: These tend to add to the appearance of width and reduce height.

3. Diagonal lines: These should appear from left to right when looking at a garment. They take the eye downward in a slimming line.

4. Curved lines: These create soft lines that are usually faltering.

Points to remember when choosing colours:
1. Cool and dark colours make one look smaller than normal.
2. Warm and light or bright colours make one look larger than normal.
3. Bright contrasting colours draw attention to the figure. They therefore make one look larger than normal.

4. Black can be used with all colours, except bee dark brown because there will be no contrast.
5. White goes with every colour, provided it is used sparingly.
6. Brown goes well with yellow, green, light-blue, orange, etc.
7. Grey is a neutral colour, it harmonizes with red, yellow, blue, orange and purple.

Guidelines for choosing colour in clothes:
1. Choose colours that suit your personal complexion and size.
2. Choose those that fit with other colours of clothes in your wardrobe.
3. Persons with dark complexion should choose bright colours.
4. A plump or bulky figure looks slim in dark colours.
5. Slim figures look fuller in light bright colours.
6. Short plump figure should avoid contrasting blouse and skirt in opposing colours. They will make the figure shorter.
7. Light and bright colours emphasize defects of figure faults.
8. Pink makes for youthfulness.

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