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Scotland today, Christmas in Scotland

Appunto di inglese sulla attuale Scozia vista ai giorni d’oggi e una lettera che descrive le vacanze di Natale trascorse in Scozia.

Scotland today: Scotland has always maintained a certain autonomy; for example, Scottish law is different from that of England and the education system is different, too.
Most Scots vote Labour and are proud nationalists who resent England’s political and cultural domination.
In 2001 American singer/actress Madonna married British film director Guy Ritchie in a Scottish castle. The Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board, “as a special thank-you”, commissioned a new tartan, called Romantic Scotland, in their honour.
Letter “Christmas in Scotland”
Hi Pino,
Thank for your e-mail. The Christmas holidays will soon be here and it’ll be great to see you again after Christmas. I really enjoyed my stay in Rome with you and your family in July, so I hope you’ll enjoy your holiday with us here in Scotland.

We’re going to spend Hogmanay (that’s Scottish for New Year’s Eve) in the Highlands, so you’ll have to bring some warm clothes. You’ll probably need boots, too, because it may snow. If there’s enough snow, we’ll go skiing at Aviemore. Don’t worry about ski equipment. If we go, we’ll hire it there. Oh, and remember to bring your swimming costume. there’s charity swim at the school pool.
As you can see, we’ve got a very busy fortnight planned for you. I’m going to show you all the sights in Edinburgh, of course. And if you’re interested, we’ll also take you to see Loch Ness. Who knows? You might even see the monster!
Have you booked your flight yet? As soon as you know the arrival time, let me know. One of us will come and pick you up at the airport. It may be me. I’ve got my driving test next week. (Wish me luck.) If I pass, I’ll come to the airport in my dad’s car.
Bye for now, Rod

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