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San Francisco

San Francisco is the most charming city in the States. Only a small village before 1848, it grew to be the tenth city in the United States in 1870, because of the flow people who reached it, attracted by the prospect of gold in the surrounding area. It was almost destroyed by an earthquake in 1906 but was soon rebuilt to become an attractive mixture of new an old, of tolerance, freedom and a city where many different ethnic groups live together.

On the other hand, you can see tradition: Victoria-style houses, cable cars, the flowery and winding Lombard Street; on the other you can admire the skyline of the Financial District, with audacious skyscrapers, such as the Transamerica Pyramid.
The diversity of the city, take a walk in Chinatown, the largest Chinese community outside the Orient, when you go through the Chinatown Gate you will see the exotic sights of Hong Kong and Canton. And if you feel attracted by Japan, walk around the Japanese Tea Garden, an authentic Oriental garden dating back to 1894: it has a tea house, pagoda, ponds bridges and bonsai. But you can also see remnants of the Spanish heritage, like Mission Dolores, first established in 1776.
Don’t miss one of the symbols of the town, the Golden Gate Bridge, a wonderful suspension bridge that joins San Francisco to Main Country north of the bay.
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