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Halloween (October 31st) is the night when spirits come back.
Children all over the USA and the UK prepare the Halloween pumpkin (a big pumpkin with holes for eyes, nose and mouth, and a candle inside) called Jack-o’-lantern, and dress up as witches, skeletons, monsters, ghosts and other terrifying creatures. They go from house to house and say ‘Trick or treat?’. If they receive a throw rubbish in the gardens or put soap on the windows! Halloween is always great fun!


A lot of children like December because there is Christmas: they prepare the crib or the Christmas tree with lights and coloured balls and receive presents, of course! On Christmas Eve, 24th December, they hang stockings at the foot of their bed: during the night Santa Claus comes and fills them with sweets, nuts, oranges, and small presents.

On Christmas Day boys and girls go to church and then have a special lunch, usually whit turkey and Christmas pudding. At the end of the meal everybody pulls the crackers, which usually contain a small present, a crown and a joke.


Easter is an important festivity in the Christian year because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday people in Britain and the USA exchange and eat chocolate eggs, go to church and have a large meal. Eggs are symbols of Easter because they are symbols of spring and new life.
Egg rolling’ is a very old traditional Easter game: players roll a coloured egg down a hill but they must not break it! They usually play his game in the local park. At home parents hide decorated eggs in the garden and then children try to find them.

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