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The banquet (or "Symposium") often lasted until dawn: participants discussed a variety of topics, as the famous dialogue revealed by the philosopher Plato, the Symposium, where the guests discuss about Love (among the guests there are the philosopher Socrates, the comic poet Aristophanes, the tragic poet Agathon, the host, the Etruscan and Roman drinking parties and physician the unscrupulous politician Alcibiades).

The banquet was graced by the presence of hetaeras, prostitutes that, unlike ordinary women, were seized, could handle the belongings and exit freely.
The music was an essential and fundamental element of the feast. The instruments used were the lyre and aulos (flute). The guests performed in short poems.

The symposium was a moment of pleasure and relaxation: they enjoy the banquet comfortably on tappets (where the food is laid). The "Lord" of the symposium was of course the wine. Accompanied by cheese, olives, dried fruit and snacks spicy, salty or could be served cold, but also warm, scented or flavored; was always mixed with water, sometimes with honey.

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