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The television appeared in its first rudimentary in the late 1920s but was popularized in greatly improved form only after the Second World War, during the 1950s.
I think that the television is a technological invention that had a huge effect on people’s lives and opinions. At first, only the richest could afford to buy one while the others would gather in places or halls where there was one they could watch. Everyone has one now, or more than one, and it’s become a great business, used not only for entertainment and news spreading but also as advertisement revenue, prize shows and various kinds of other programs. Before it was invented, people used to listen to the radio, read books and had a lot more time to spend outdoors, playing with their friends and doing their hobbies. But they also had much more less insights about what was going on in the world, and about the world itself. From the television people learned different ways of life and came in contact with different realities. Moreover, through the television people started to acknowledge different opinions on various matters. Gradually television took over the other means of getting up to date (reading books, listening to the radio) and it changed the way people approached the outside and inner world.
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