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Andie MacDowell
Rosalie Anderson MacDowell (Gaffney, 21 April 1958) an American actress. The young pi of four sisters, the parents divorced when she had you are years and the mother Paula cadde in depression and in prey to the alcoholism (mor in 1981 because of a coronary).

During the adolescence, to the end of to give back itself independent, the MacDowell turned different intense activities and in 1978 left the Winthrop Connects and be transferred to New York to work like model for the agency Elite.

Become soon one of the times known pi of the magazines of fashion and the house of cosmetic THE oreal chooses it like testimonial for advertising his countries all over the world. It models also of Calvin Klein, in 1984 comes chosen from the producer Hugh Hudson for the film Greystoke - The legend of Tarzan mister of the monkeys that been for her a disaster, even if had the role of the protagonist Jane: because of its strong accent been lapped from Glenn Close.

Disappointed, it attended a course of diction and subsequently entered to make part before the cast of St. Helmet or Fire (1985) of Joel Schumacher and then of Sex, lies and videotape (1989) of Steven Soderbergh, film winner of the Palm of gold to the Festival of Cannes. With the interpretation of the dissatisfied housewife in the film of Soderbergh the MacDowell be taken won back it on the disastrous debuts and undertook cos a shining film career that capable interpreter saw it is of romantic comedies (Green Card - Marriage of suitability, 1990 and above all Four marriages and a funeral of 1994) is of roles binding pi (like the hopeless mother of America today, 1993).

Other its success Heroes of all of the days were (1995) of Diane Keaton, I undouble Me in four (1996) of Harold Ramis, invisible Crimes (1997) of Wim Wenders and above all The goddess of the success (1999) of Albert Brooks, in company of Sharon Stone. In the last years, and particularly after 2001, slightly decreased its presence on the large screen.

Been chosen from People Magazine like an of 50 persons attractive pi to the world.

In 1999 it divorced from the husband Paul Qualley, an I model with the as had three sons: Justin, Rainey and Sarah Margaret. The 11 November of 2001 be married with the gioiellierie Rhett Hartzog, from which then divorced in 2004. Now it resides to Ashville, in Carolina of the North. In 2001, like prize for its attivit in defence of the childhood, been confer them the degree to honorem from the Lander University of Greenwood.
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