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Report on a survey: Keeping pets


The purpose of this report is to summarize the results of a survey about the growing popularity of keeping pets at home. The survey was conducted on a sample of over 150 teenagers from a local school.

Pet ownership

A total of 65% of those questioned students have a pet. Of these, 27% have a dog, 22% a cat and 11% have another kind of pet, such as birds or parrots, rabbits, an acquarium with fish and/or turtles and so on.
Half of those who do not have a pet cannot keep one because their parents are against it, 30% do not have enough space and the remaining about 20% do not like pets in general (which is about a 14% of the total number of interviewed students).

The reasons

In general, those who have pets, like them and think they are good company or that they makes you feel better. Only 10% of these think it is very expensive and tiring having a pet whereas the great majority of the students who have a pet (90%) and anyway 72% of the total number of students think that having a pet is a pleasure.


In conclusion it is clear that keeping a pet is increasingly popular. People find their company irreplaceble. Although their require effort to be kept, the friendship they give in return seem to be a much more important and paying-back factor.

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