What a hectic life!

I have recently read the results of a survey about how our life has changed and how the quality of life has got worse. I must admit, I agree with the content of this survey.
One of the bad aspects emerging from this survey about our lifestyle today is that we do not get enough sleep! We have got used to sleeping less than we used to because we don't have enough time! We spend longer hours at work than we used to do in the past, and we spend more time getting to work. Moreover, since our life is so hectic, we tend to be tense and worry even during the night, and as a consequence of this, we suffer from insomnia.
Another important aspect emerging from the survey is the bad quality of the food we eat every day. We all know how important it is to have a regual diet, but we do not have as much time as we used to have in the past to stay at home and prepare healthy meals. We have so much work outside the house; for example, sometimes we have to go to important meetings that we can't miss, or we work extra hours, and so we are getting used to eating fast food, which is very dangerous for our health. We have no time to enjoy the pleasures of life and we don't enjoy our free time either.

The worst think is that without realizing it, er are getting used to this new lifestyle and we don't seem to thing of the bad consequences it may have on our health.

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