On Stereotypes

A recent survey on stereotypes has pointed out what people coming from different nationalities think about other countries. The Italians seem to cook better than the Germans, but the Germans work harder and they act less rudely towards tourists than the other Europeans. They work more efficiently and help tourists in everything they need. The French have been defined as very snobbish and less available to offer help to tourists while the British refuse to speak any other language but their own. The Italians and the Spanish talk more, but the British and the Germans think more logically and they seem to listen more carefully!!!
In general, the survey reveals data about Northern and Southern European people. The result it is that the Italians and the French are those who dress more stylishly, while the Germans and the British drive more carefully. In the South of Europe the Greeks seem to be those who are less organized, although tourism is a really strong resource for them! They face any problem more slowly than any other country because they take everything easy.

Apart from Europe, the survey has also revealed that the Americans are those who live more healthily, they practice a lot of sports, but as for the quality of their food, they eat worse than any other country in this world.

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