Food storage can be prevented by storing foodstuffs under cold conditions. This is because the bacteria or micro-organisms which causes food spoilage are generally inactive under very cold conditions. Refrigeration is the process of keeping food cold, often in a refrigerator. A reforge rather is any appliance which removes heat from things for example foods) and keeps them cold.

Temperatures in the refrigerator apartments:
1. The freezer compartment: This is ice-cold. It is for storing very perishable foods such as fresh fish, meat, etc. foods stored here are frozen.

2. The top-most shelf: This is nearest to the freezer. It is colder than any other part, except the freezer. It is suitable for cooked food.

3. The middle shelf: This is next to the vegetable crisper. It is suitable for drinks, raw foods, bread, etc.

4. Vegetable crisper: This is the lowest apartment. It is just cool. It is suitable for storing raw fruits and vegetables.

5. Door of the refrigerator: Storage spaces for such items as eggs, butter, cheese, and drinks are provided in the door of the refrigerator. Many different types of food can be stored in refrigerator. This is because it has different compartments and shelves with varying temperatures.

Guidelines for the use of refrigerator:
1. Place the refrigerator on a level surface.
2. Do not overcrowd the refrigerator. Leave spaces between containers for foods to allow for circulation of air for cooling.
3. Store only good quality food in the refrigerator. Poor quality food will spoil easily, give bad odour and spoil other foods.
4. Wrap foods or put them in containers before placing in the refrigerator.
5. Do not place hot food in the refrigerator. This causes excessive formation of ice.
6. Keep the refrigerator clean always.
7. Do not open the refrigerator too often.
8. Do not use a sharp instrument to chip off the ice from the freezer compartment.
9. Inspect the refrigerator regularly to remove stale food.
10. Wipe off any spillage on the refrigerator immediately.

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