Baking and storage instruments

These are used for baking. They should distribute heat evenly. They include:
• Cake pans: they can be made of aluminium, stainless steel etc. they come in different shapes and sizes.
• Casseroles: theses are baking dishes which can be used to serve baked food at the table. They may be made of glass, pottery, stainless steel or enamel ware.
• Muffin pans: they may have six or more cups which may be used for baking muffins, cupcakes or rolls.
• Cake cooling racks: they are made of heavy wire. They are used for cooling baked products and protecting table or cabinet taps.
• Biscuit cutter: is used for cutting pastry.
• Oven gloves: these are special pads used for removing things from the oven. They prevent the hands from heat.

Small storage equipment: these are generally used for storage. They include:
• Jars: these could be plastic or bottle. They can be used for storing flours, sugar etc.

• Salt and pepper dredgers: they are used for storage of salt and pepper for the dining table.

Cleaning up equipment:
These are useful in cleaning up. They include:
- draining racks and tray: they are used for draining washed dishes.
- scrapper: this is made of rubber and used for scrapping food from utensils and plates before washing.
- refuse bins: these are used for dumping refuse in the kitchen before disposing of it.
- floor cloth, dish cloth and hand towels: these are household linen used for various purposes. One cloth should be reserved for one purpose only for example cleaning hands, drying dishes, spoons etc., or for cleaning floor.

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