Food Storage Facilities

Food is very important for good health. It is therefore important that family members feed well. The family must therefore buy and store their food. Food is expensive and can spoil easily too. It is therefore necessary that family food purchases be carefully planned and carried out. It is equally important that food is properly stored. Proper storage will definitely prevent wastage abs ensure that food is safe and hygienic.

Proper food storage requires the use of good storage facilities. Storage facilities include plastic containers, food cupboards, larders, shelves and racks, refrigerators and deep freezers. These should be selected and cared for.

1. Plastic food containers: These are available in different sizes, shapes and colours in the market. They are light in weight, easily cleaned and portable. They often have kids and can be made alright. They are suitable for storing items like:

- liquids such as Palm oil.

- flours for example wheat, soya bean, cassava, yam flours.

- dried grains and pulses for example maize, beans, rice.

- ground food ingredients.

- other non-perishables such as sugar, salt, black and red pepper etc.

Food store: Food store is a place for storing food. It is often part of the kitchen. It should be large enough to meet the god storage needs of the family. A store with strong shelves is effective. The shelves provide extra storage space.
The doors and windows should be fitted with wire gauze or netting to prevent flies from entering.

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