Video appunto: Bears - Protecting yourself
Protecting yourself from bears

Sometimes people need to understand that whenever we travel to the North or Western part of America and during our sport activities such as: tracking, climbing etc they can get to meet a baby bear. People should as well know or immagine that each time they meet a baby bear the mother is not not far of corse.
Bears aren’t wicked animals, they haven’t got the the intentino to harm us but we should as well be careful whenever we see one.
It’s obvious that the first thought that comes across our mind when we see a bear is that of running away as fast as possibile (but this doesn’t help!); we have to walk in groups and make noise, as a matter of fact bears don’t like surprises but they’re attracted to food and smell of all kind (includine make-ups).
You’ve got to hang the food silled in a tightly locked on top of a tree inorder not to get attacked and in front of a large brown bear people have to take off their clothes and put it off their head inorder to seem much bigger than we actually are.
Recently lots of people say that it’s better to form “dead” because bears don’t like eating rotten or dead meat but fresh food such as: sardine! (fish is their favorite).
Others say people that may find their self in this situation should at least protect their head and chest in front of the angry and uncontrollable bear.